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Monday, May 12, 2014


One of the best medicines that exist is rest. Rest can be a hard thing to come by. More and more companies are taking away sick days and are making sick days difficult to use. Our personal schedules can fill up easily with obligations. Then, there are the multiple projects that need to be done. It can be difficult to find left over time for rest, especially when our bodies need it. Too often, people are fighting infections for weeks longer than necessary. Time is often not taken off for rest until the body gives no other option. Oddly, rest can be one of the most difficult recommendations that doctors make. 

In my experience, taking the day to sleep and care for your body when you first feel like you are coming down with something is far more effective than handfuls of vitamin C and supplements without any rest.  Rest is the synergistic ingredient. 

When is the last time you gave yourself the day off? No scheduled obligations, free and full permission to sleep a few hours guilt-free, time to do something that is actually relaxing and enjoyable rather than a project that needs done around the house. What would your life look life if rest became the priority that got put on the calendar first?

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