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Friday, December 6, 2013

A Time to Rest

As the day darkens and the weather becomes cold, it is a natural time to rest and go inward. I laugh a little writing this because I know that is the last thing many people are doing right now. The holidays are approaching, and it is a time of parties, baking, shopping, travelling, being with other people. In truth, this week has been quite busy for me as well.

Now the snow and sleet has come. My clients have cancelled for today. Many of my weekend plans are no more. I have no plans to travel on the roads. The snow has brought its own form of rest for me.

This month I am focusing on the topic of rest and turning inward. I have two local events planned, so mark your calendars for these restorative events. Please share with your friends and family in the Tulsa area...

"Natural Strategies for Restorative Sleep"
Thursday, December 19th
7:00 p.m.
Green Acres Market in Jenks

"Nurturing the Inner Self"Sunday, December 22nd
2:00 p.m.
306 Phoenix House


  1. Actually, we are not all out and about, wrapped up in the Christmas frenzy. We have learned to slow down, enjoy it for what it really is, and stay out of the big-box stores. Sleep is a beautiful thing.

  2. Excellent, Kristina! I'm so glad you have found a way to slow down and enjoy what really is. I sincerely believe it is important to create space for that. I retreat to a space of quiet and dreaming at the end of each year. It is restorative and meaningful.