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Friday, November 1, 2013

Starting a batch of kefir...

I was recently given a generous gift of milk kefir grains. Milk kefir is a thick, yogurt-like drink. This morning, I sterilized my equipment. Then, I heated my milk up to 78 degrees. I added the kefir grains. My mixture was then put to bed in my Yogotherm. (Kefir likes temperatures from 70-78 degrees for incubation, and our house stays fairly cool. I am using the thermos method to keep it warmer.)  In 24-48 hours, I should have a new batch of kefir hopefully.

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  1. Oops! A yogotherm was not the best choice for making Kefir. I forgot that it had to release gas byproducts. My plastic container was bulging when I went to open it. The Kefir is edible, but quite tart. Next time, I need to cover the top of my container with something like coffee filter so gas can escape.