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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Rest and Digest

You have probably heard of "Fight or Flight." We go into 'fight or flight' mode when we are stressed. Blood flow decreases in the digestive system and travels out to the muscles in the extremities so we can run from that bear. After running, the body is able to return to balance. Most of us are not running from bears these days when we are stressed; without the running phase, we can easily stay in "fight or flight" mode for long periods of time.  Ideally, it is best not to be digesting food when we are in "fight or flight." Have you ever lost your appetite or got indigestion after eating because you were stressed out?

The cousin of "fight or flight" is "rest and digest."  As it suggests, we digest our food better when we are relaxed. If you are stressed at meal time, try this simple exercise to relax before eating...

(1) Breathe in for 3 seconds.
(2) Breathe out slowly for 6 seconds. It helps if you purse your lips.
(3) Do steps 1-2 five times.  

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