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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Making Time to Eat...

These beautiful vegetables recently came from our garden. They spent weeks growing. Like most vegetables, they will take relatively little time to prepare for dinner one night. Simple cutting, some marinade and perhaps baking will be required. The outcome will be nourishing and truly delicious. With the pace of life these days, finding even this little bit of time for vegetable preparation (let alone eating!) can be challenging.

Even with the flexible schedule of being self employed, I still find myself getting caught up in my work and forgetting to eat breakfast or lunch.  I do a good job of preparing and packing food for work, but remembering to eat food is another issue. It's easy to schedule too much over the lunch hour. It is just as easy to forget about breakfast on the days my workday starts at 6:30 a.m. When I was employed, lunches were rarely any easier, even though we technically had a lunch hour. By the time my body reminds me that I'm really hungry, it can be a challenge to eat slowly and mindfully.

This month, I'm resolved to reshape this habit of mine. First, I will start scheduling time for myself to eat...at a table. Secondly, I'll be setting the alarm on my phone to remind myself to stop and honor my meal times.  

After all, these beautiful vegetables took weeks to grow, and I want to set aside the time to appreciate them fully. Please wish me luck :)

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