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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Emotional Eating

"If you are not hungry, then what you are looking for is not in here."  --Your Refrigerator
There are several reasons people turn to food to cope with their emotions. This is often termed "emotional eating" or "comfort eating." Emotional eating commonly occurs when we are not even physically hungry.
If you suspect you are eating to soothe your emotions, consider keeping a diet diary for three to five days. Record the following in your diary...
(a) What & how much you eat
(b) Where you ate it
(c) How you were feeling at the time
(d) On a scale of 0-10, record how physically hungry you were at that time, where 0 is not hungry at all and 10 is ready to devour an entire table of food.
This exercise helps to create awareness, if you are eating emotionally. Look at the diary to discover if there is a particular emotion that may be causing you to eat when you are not hungry.  For some people, it can be triggered by a certain location and situation (i.e. the candy bowl during a terrible day at work).
On Friday, I'll discuss the use of flower essences for emotional eating.

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