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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Mindful Approach to Thanksgiving

Today, many people (mostly women) will be shopping, cooking, baking, and preparing for a holiday largely centered around eating. This food will have been grown, in some cases slaughtered, prepared, packaged, and shipped to markets. Hours of life and work are being poured into this dinner. This month, I pause to give thanks for all the life and working hands that feed me on a regular basis.

There will be all kinds of Thanksgiving dinners this week--traditional dinners, ethnic variations, vegan versions, raw versions, gluten-free versions, locally produced and raised versions, food bank versions, homeless shelter versions and restaurant versions. People will gather in families, among friends, among strangers and sometimes be simply alone. Alone can freeing, but very lonely too. This month, I pause to make sure people know I love and appreciate them. Even when we don't have a lot, we make sure we share what we do have...even if it is simply a bag of healthy food so others can eat good things, too.

This month, I have been practicing mindful eating and I intend to carry these practices to the table tomorrow. No plans to gorge myself. I'll eat breakfast so I won't be extra hungry when I eat. I'll take small portions and chew small bites, while appreciating all the flavors and textures. I want to savor the love and hard work that goes into my food. No feeling sick after dinner, just happy. I'll be thinking of how my friend Nanc raised the lamb we will eat. I'll be thinking of my friends at Three Springs Farm who raised the most of the produce we will be eating, and I'll be thinking how this summer goodness was put up in jars. Finally, it will be sweet to gather with dear friends and new acquaintances, knowing a few less people will be alone this holiday. It's a dinner that took months to come together and prepare. I hope to enjoy it slowly.

Many blessings to you and happy Thanksgiving! May you be blessed with food to eat, many helping hands, and time to relax. May you be surrounded by love and caring.

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