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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Making a Respiratory Tonic Syrup

I recently made a batch of herbal syrup as a respiratory tonic.  Since it is a tonic, I worked to balance the herbal energetics of the formula so it would not be too heating, too cooling, too drying or too wet. 

12 cups filtered water
6 Tbs dried elderberries
6 Tbs rosehips
1 Tbs dandelion root
2 Tbs Siberian ginseng root
1 Tbs Astragulus
4 Tbs Fennel seeds
3 fresh inner stalks of lemongrass

Bring the above ingredients to a slow simmer. Simmer until there is about 6 cups of liquid left. Strain out and compost herbs. To the remaining liquid, add

2 ounces fresh ginger root juice
15 mL of Osha tincture (optional)
15 mL of Elderberry tincture (optional)
3 cups local, raw honey (do not give to infants)
Brandy (as a preservative)

Bottle and label. I canned my syrup in canning jars. Once open, they need to be refrigerated. This recipe does have the potential to interact with certain medications; check with a qualified health professional if you are currently taking other medications.


  1. I wish I had elderberries here, but we don't. I have to buy the syrup for health reasons here.

    1. If it helps, I use dried elderberries that I purchased from Mountain Rose Herbs. Have a sweet weekend...