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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Integrative Medicine Conference 2014

Tomorrow, I will be speaking at the 3rd annual Integrative Medicine Conference in Tulsa, OK. This year has particularly sparked my interest in Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL), so this will be the topic of my presentation.

NHL is actually not one cancer, but rather a collection of many different cancer subtypes. As I study nutrition and cancer, many of my findings apply to specific NHL subtypes, not NHL as a whole.  For example, vitamin D improves survival rates for people diagnosed with diffuse large B cell subtype and T-cell lymphoma subtypes, but not for NHL overall.

Certain bacterial and viral infections are established as risk factors for NHL. For example,  the bacteria H. pylori is associated with some cases of MALT lymphoma of the stomach. This subtype of lymphoma has been successfully cured by treating the H. pylori infection in some instances.

In the 1980's, NHL also helped us first to understand how cells die in humans. The study of programmed cell death is now flourishing and being used to develop several novel approaches to cancer treatments.

Well, the kiddos approach...have a happy Halloween!

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