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Saturday, September 21, 2013

I had great fun this afternoon with the Autumn Herbal Wellness class! It was a fantastic group of gardeners and herbal medicine-making novices. Pictured are some of the ingredients in the immune tonic we made.  I also harvested a fresh horseradish from the garden for the occasion. As you might imagine, the immune tonic had a good kick of heat. We added it to homemade vegetable juice. Mmmmm....so tasty!

Early this morning, I was out working in the cool air in the garden. Autumn officially begins tomorrow, but I certainly felt fall today. I felt blessed to have the opportunity to make and teach about plant medicine on this day among such friendly souls.  What a perfect way to begin this season!

A special thanks to Merry Schepers for her help and support for the class today!

Tomorrow I will be at 306 Phoenix House with Lacey Kidd, ND. We will be discussing one of my favorite topics-sleep! While expensive supplements, drugs, and energy drinks may be alluring for what ails us (i.e. poor focus, poor memory, fogginess, fatigue, feeling out of sorts, poor immune function, aches and pains), sometimes the answer simply lies in getting better sleep.  The gathering is from 2:00-3:00 p.m. at 306 S. Phoenix Avenue in Tulsa, OK.  Hope you will join us! Sweet dreams... 

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