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Friday, September 6, 2013

Drinking in the Last Days of Summer

The change of the season is upon us. I'm certain I felt autumn last Monday as I was working in my garden. The pace of life is picking up speed and deadlines are approaching. I am at risk of getting carried away in the fall rush of things.

However on Labor Day, I had to set all of this aside and savor the last days of summer. While it is summer for just a bit longer, I invite you to savor these last days, too. Here are some ideas I tried on my day off...

*  Enjoy leftovers from last night's farm party for breakfast.
* Make chamomile-honey ice cream (substitute coconut milk if dairy intolerant). The recipe is in Mary Jane's Farm Nature Knows Best special summer issue.
* Invite a friend over for a local dinner with ingredients from the garden and farmer's market.
* Be inspired by Julia Child! I prepared the best dish of garden green beans using her advice.
* Fill up the kiddie pool with water, peppermint leaf, and rose petals. Go for a swim.
* Read a book for fun and forget about everything you could be doing instead with that time.
* Make plans to replace all those opportunistic vines in the garden, and catch a sale on autumn mums.

May the last days of your summer be blessed with an opportunity to slow down and enjoy!

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