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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Preparing for Saturday--A Visit to the Extension Service

On Saturday at 10:30 am, we will be teaching and demonstrating home food preservation at Groggs Green Barn. This free event and many other events can be found on my website at www.ourhealingroots.net or on my Facebook events (found under "Our Healing Roots, LLC").

Today, I ventured to the Tulsa County Extension Office to discover what resources and support they could offer our upcoming class participants. Like most county extension offices, they will test the gauge on your pressure canner for free. It is important that you get this tested annually to prevent any food safety mishaps with pressure canning. The Tulsa County Extension Office recommends you call ahead and make an appointment before coming for this testing.

Most importantly, the extension service wants to ensure you are able to preserve food safely. Our extension office has a multitude of canning handouts--recipes, safety tips, a canners planning guide, and regular newsletters with food preservation tips. They offer lectures and hands on classes which are quite reasonably priced. They are also offering a canning class this Saturday.  

In Oklahoma, you can even join a group called "Oklahoma Home and Community Education," which was described as 4-H for adults. These groups are associated with the Oklahoma Extension Agencies and meet approximately on a monthly basis to share information, teach skills, enjoy fellowship, support the county free fair and local charitable organizations.

Find out more information by visiting their website at www.oces.tulsacounty.org, or drop by and see all they have to offer. The Tulsa County Extension Agency is located at 4116 E 15th Street (between Harvard and Yale).  It's a great field trip!

We hope you will consider learning more about canning and preserving food safely on Saturday either with us at Groggs or through the Tulsa County Extension Service.


  1. I thank you for providing this class for the people in Tulsa trying to go organic.

  2. My pleasure! I'm glad you enjoyed the post...