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Friday, August 30, 2013

In awe...

It has been a busy morning of making yogurt, studying cancer research abstracts, and finishing my class in programmed cell death. I'll have a fun yogurt post coming soon, but this afternoon I am simply in a state of awe.

Molecular science, genetics, and cell biology are so beautifully complex. Just when we think we all have it figured out, another unresolved layer and set of questions appear. I believe it is the complexity that has me awe-struck.
What is responsible for it, but a wisdom and intelligence so beyond me. I like the mystery--the aspect of knowing some but not knowing it all.

My class on programmed cell death/apoptosis challenged me! It is a rich history of scientific discovery, and it is similar to working a hard logic puzzle. In the span of my lifetime, researchers went from knowing very little about how cells die to a wealth of information about the process. A new wave of cancer therapies have and are being developed based on this emerging field. I personally took this class so I could better understand the biological pathways involved in cancer. This has helped me to interpret scientific research about natural medicines/herbs/spices and how they interact with these biological pathways to prevent and reverse disease.

For the past couple of weeks, I have been putting together a couple of presentation proposals about integrative/natural therapy for lymphoma. This is where the rubber hits the road. My studies have been illuminating possible natural therapies for cancer patients. Many of these natural therapies have the potential to prevent disease and to increase the effectiveness of conventional cancer care.

Sometimes when I am waist deep in abstracts and papers, my head just begins to spin. This brings us back to the issue of complexity, wonder and awe. I look out into my herb garden, full of plants capable of healing and preventing disease. It's amazing how full this garden and my body are full of innate healing intelligence. I can eat from my garden and the innate intelligence of the plant interacts with my innate healing intelligence. It is amazing and I bow to it all...

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