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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

306 Phoenix House

I am pleased to announce that I will be offering monthly natural health gatherings at the 306 Phoenix House. You are warmly invited to join us for an afternoon of learning natural health tips, exploring the latest scientific updates in natural health, and reconnecting to the tradition of botanical medicine. Although these classes are FREE, we graciously accept love offerings to continue sharing in the 306 Phoenix House space! A list of topics and dates can be found below. I hope you can join us!

I celebrate what the community of 306 Phoenix House is building. It's a lovely space located near downtown Tulsa offering classes, music events, a community garden, art shows, a space for community gatherings, and workshops. This house is open to people of all ages and beliefs. Information about the 306 Phoenix House can be found at www.306phoenixhouse.com or at their Facebook page.

"306 Phoenix House is a sacred gathering space that serves as a vessel for spiritual, personal and community connection. We believe that transformation on every level can happen by uniting and strengthening our communities. At the House, we offer possibilities to awaken the human potential, inspire freedom through individual expression and cultivate sustainable connection with nature from the inside and out. We celebrate life together with community gatherings, authentic expression, sustainable living practices and holistic education. It is in this space that we show up to share our purpose and empower others to recognize, nurture their own."
Sunday, August 25 (2-3 p.m.)Preserving the Harvest:  Creating a Nutritious Savings Account
Sunday, September 22 (2-3 p.m.)—High Quality Sleep: Why it Matters and How to Get Some
Sunday, October 20 (2-3 p.m.)—Preparing for the Holidays: Gifts that Restore Health
Sunday, November 24 (2-3 p.m.)—Savor Your Food: Eat Slowly for Your Health
Sunday, December 22 (2-3 p.m.)—Nurturing the Inner Self

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