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Friday, July 19, 2013

Wild Flowers and Herbs

I spent the first part of this month travelling to visit family in Virginia. I travelled by car. The roadsides of Missouri, Kentucky, West Virginia and Virginia were covered with wild flowers, herbs, and prairie restoration projects. What a beautiful sight to see in the summer, as I am more accustomed to fields of brown!

Chicory is very common in the Virginias. It has a purple-blue flower. The roasted root was used as a coffee-substitute in civil war times and can still be found in many coffee substitutes today.

I was surprised to see so much mullein along the roadside as we approached Washington, DC.  Mullein is a biennial plant; it puts out soft leaves the first year and a tall stalk with yellow flowers the second year. The yellow flowers have been used to infuse an oil to help with painful earaches. Note: This is contraindicated if the tympanic membrane is ruptured.  The leaves have been commonly used for respiratory complaints. However, my favorite application of mullein comes to me through herbalist Matthew Wood. Some bones are difficult to set such as ribs, collarbones, the tailbone, and toes. I have used this successfully in the clinic to help support the healing of these bones and to reduce the pain.

I hope you are enjoying the wildflowers and herbs this summer, too.  One of my friends and herbalists Sasha lives in Missouri. She had some lovely posts about wildflowers and herbs on her Facebook page in early June. I encourage you to check them out! https://www.facebook.com/thegoldenlightcenter

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