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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Remembering Good Intentions

I make an excellent tincture that supports memory. Unfortunately, I find most people forget to take it. It's easy to have good intentions, but often difficult to remember those intentions, particularly when life gets busy.

So, whether you are trying to drink more water or remember to take an herbal or dietary supplement or make other lifestyle changes, here are a few suggestions to help you remember those good intentions...

(1) Couple the change with a habit you already have. For example, set your supplement(s) near your toothbrush or on the dinner table.
(2) Set an alarm on your phone. It also helps to label the alarm so you remember why your phone is going off.
(3) If you make "to do" lists, add it to your list. I always take pleasure in marking things off.
(4) If you are taking capsules and tablets, get a weekly "pill" box. It can help you remember if you've already taken your supplements for the day.
(5) Place a reminder in a visible area. If you work at a desk most of the day, place a workday's worth of water on your desk where you can see it.
(6) Pick out a fun calendar and small stickers. Give yourself a sticker each day you complete the change. (Yes, this actually still works for adults, too, but results may vary.)
(7) Make your tablets and capsules into a dessert. This is especially helpful for those of us who hate taking pills and accidentally, on-purpose forget to take them. I take a spoonful of pureed fruit and place one or two capsules in it at time. A spoonful of "sugar" does help the medicine go down...and it can help you remember.

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