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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Herb Walk Today and Other Upcoming Events

Herb Walk at the Garden Trug
Today! Saturday, May 11th | 11am-12pmLocation: The Garden Trug; 3009 E. 101st Street; Tulsa, OK 74137
Phone: 918.528.3828
Discover the herbal possibilities waiting your garden with me this Saturday. This special event includes a walk through The Garden Trug's retail garden, where you will learn how varieties of plants can be used medicinally. I invite you to come be inspired for Mother's Day. 
Homeopathy--The Basics
Phone: 918.813.1874

Homeopathy is a complex system of medicine started in the 1800's, when a physician was looking for a safer and gentler method of healing. It still exists today and is becoming widely popular for its safety and affordability. This class includes instruction and introduction to the art of homeopathy. This class is a series offered over a 1 month period. Tea and light snacks will be served.

Classes on Mondays, May 13, 20, and June 3
(6-7:30 p.m.)                               Cost $30.00 

Botanical Tinctures
Phone: 918.813.1874

Tinctures are a fast and easy way to take herbal medicine. A tincture is an alcohol extract of an herb. Learn how to craft your own botanical tinctures from dried and fresh herbs using a folk method. Instruction in botanical medicine and safety will also be included. Class includes hands-on experience, and each participant can take home two 1-ounce tinctures.

Class offered Thursday, May 16 (6-8 p.m.)

Cost $25.00


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