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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Colonial Shrub

In front of the Skillet Restaurant at the Ozark Folk Center is one of the largest bay trees I have ever seen in Midwest. This tree gets so large that it sometimes towers over the building and must get cut back. The rock wall of the building, the sidewalk in front, the protection from the North and West wind and the Southerly light all created a microclimate for this tree to thrive.

However, I'm not talking about plant shrubs today, but rather an unusual drink I learned about this weekend called a shrub. Shrubs, as they are popularly known today, are alcoholic beverages with sugar and fruit juice, somewhat akin to punch. Herbalist Susan Belsinger taught the colonial version of the shrub this weekend. In colonial times, people needed a way to preserve their abundant fruit harvests. Extra fruit (especially berries) were placed in vinegar for several days. The fruit was then strained out and a sugar, such as honey was added as a preservative. The shrub could then be added to water, carbonated water, liquor, or just enjoyed straight.  

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