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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spani "Kale" copita

Last Tuesday, I spent the day making an array of cheeses and yogurt. One of the cheeses I made that day was domiati, which is a white, soft, and salty cheese eaten in Egypt, Sudan, and other Middle Eastern countries.

As I was reading Sandor Katz' book The Art of Fermentation, I was reminded that the consumption of fresh milk is a relatively new phenomenon with the advent of refrigeration. Historically, unless you had direct access to a dairy animal, most of your milk products were cultured or preserved in some way. This points to the historical popularity of cheese and yogurt. In the case of domiati, salt makes a wonderful preservative.

One of the traditional ways to enjoy domiati is in a savory pastry. So Friday afternoon, I used my domiati to make spani "Kale" copita. It was a delicious (yet still salty) savory pastry pie of spinach, kale, green onion, and domiati cheese layered in organic filo dough. The outcome is pictured above.