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Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Similar State of Mind--Calcarea Carbonica

Attribution: David.Monniaux

With homeopathy, you could feasibly have 15 different patients with a middle ear infection, and each patient may need a different homeopathic remedy for their infection. In other words, not all middle ear infections are the same. Today, I am going to outline a homeopathic remedy called "calcarea carbonica" in the context of ear infections.

Homeopathic calcarea carbonica was originally harvested from the shell of an oyster. It is commonly called "calc carb." Calc carb is a polycrest (AKA polychrest) homeopathic remedy. That means it is one of the most common remedies. Indeed, it is used for all forms of disease and is not limited to simply one condition or another.

So, how might a person needing calc carb for an ear infection present? Their ear infections may present easily in both ears, but will favor the right side. Cold and wet conditions tend to be aggravating, and bathing does not feel good. Mornings are difficult, but they tend to feel better as the day progresses. Also, they tend to feel better laying on the painful side. People needing calc carb tend to be feverish and perspire easily on the head, neck, and feet, while perspiration tends to smell somewhat sour. It is not uncommon that they present with a history of recurrent ear infections, allergies, chronic nasal obstruction and/or frequent colds and flu. Their ear infections may also present with ringing in the ears and dizziness.

It may help to consider that various diagnoses such as otitis media (AKA middle ear infections) all present differently, like individuals. Carefully studying the different patterns of disease presentation will point you in the direction of more effective outcomes in homeopathy.

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