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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Upcoming Yogurt and Soft Cheese Class

frame courtesy of cottagearts.net
I greeted this morning's chilly dawn with a drive out to a farm for fresh milk. This morning, I have been practicing making yogurt, long-form mozzarella, and an a salty African-style soft cheese called domiati. I write this entry now as I wait for the curd to form.
What exactly is curd and whey? In the process of cheese making, the milk solids form the curds, which eventually are pressed into what we know as cheese. Then, there is a yellowish clear liquid that forms called whey. This is typically drained off and can be used for many other functions, such as whey protein powder, to increase protein content in foods, to make ricotta cheese, or to appease the farm animals.
On April 14th, Our Healing Roots, LLC, will be offering a class in making yogurt and soft cheese. You can find out more information about this class by visiting my website at www.ourhealingroots.net, or e-mail me at office@ourhealingroots.net.
We'll the timer is going off, and it's time to go check the curd...

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