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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Garden Project Update: Chickens in the Hoop House

frame courtesy of cottagearts.net
Two of our chickens went to town in my winter hoop house garden. I imagine they started off with the beer I left out as a slug trap. Then, they dined on my seedlings. I imagine they didn't care much for the bok choy because that is where they made their dust bath. My heart is heavy as I learn that my attempts to barricade the gardens were not enough.
I carefully replanted buried and torn plants. I found space to put in new bean plants. And, of course, I strengthened the barricades.
Just like life, the garden has its joys, its heartbreaks, and its opportunities to learn.  When life feels uprooted, you recover what you can, replant, allow for new growth, and learn. 


  1. I think they had a wild party and tore up the house! At least they eat well. Out of chaos comes order, and I suspect you will have new life growing in there within short order. Take heart, sweet friend.

    1. I must admit, we did get an abundance of eggs the next day, and the hoop garden is recovering with new life. :) Thank you for your message.