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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Farewell Pumpkin Parker...

frame courtesy of cottagearts.net
Yesterday was simply heartbreaking. Our beloved Buff Orpington chicken Pumpkin Parker was killed. I discovered her remains as I went out to do my early morning chores. As I came upon her golden feathers scattered about the ground, my heart sank.
We have been raising chickens for the past three years. Pumpkin was one of our original flock. As roosters are not allowed in town, she became our pseudo-rooster. She would protect the flock and make sure everyone made it up at night safely.
Her remains were laid to rest in the chicken yard. To support the rest of our animals and ourselves, we used a flower essence therapy called "Rescue Remedy." I put a couple of drops in everyone's water yesterday. In my time as a chicken mama, I have seen Rescue Remedy help revive a chicken with heat stroke and soothe animals that were in shock.
Peer reviewed research on flower essences is scarce, and my use of them is largely based on empirical evidence. However, I did come across a most interesting Spanish abstract on PubMed about flower essences. This is a study of 119 human subjects given individualized flower essence therapy over an average of 3.4 visits. Of those treated, 84.7% of the subjects reported good or very good results. The only side effect reported in the abstract is a 2% incidence of gastric intolerance.  This study suggests that individualized flower essence may be a very safe and effective therapy with little side effect.  (Reference at http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20014621
May Pumpkin rest in peace...

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