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Friday, March 8, 2013

Experimenting in the Kitchen

In preparation for our sourdough class tomorrow, I have been experimenting with recipes this week. I found two recipes in a wonderful book by Sandor Katz The Art of Fermentation. In his book, he provides two unusual sourdough recipes--one for chocolate cake and the other for savory pancakes. The opportunity was too good to pass up!

Frame courtesy of cottagearts.net
I made the chocolate cake recipe on Sunday. It was originally a vegan recipe, so I took some liberties to modify it a bit using our hen's eggs and some organic butter. It was a smashing success--moist, full of dark chocolate flavor, light in crumb, and deeply filling.

For lunch today, I figured I would whip up those savory sourdough pancakes. I sautéed slivers of onion and red bell pepper. Then, I scooped out a cup of sourdough starter, added my pancake ingredients, shredded cheese, and finished it off with broccoli slaw and  shredded potatoes. The pancakes were beautiful! I spread our homemade picante sauce and sour cream on top.

Frame courtesy of cottagearts.net
And then the taste test...hmmm...not as exciting as I had hoped. Personally, I think I would have loved all the vegetables, cheese and sour cream without the bread aspect. That being said, the shredded broccoli stems and carrots were quite mild, and I could see myself slipping some veggies in my pancakes in the future. What if I tried carrot, broccoli, apple/raisin, cinnamon, and allspice with a sweeter version of the pancake? Stay tuned for future experiments!

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