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Friday, February 22, 2013

...and it begins with tea

 frame for photo courtesy of cottagearts.net
I begin my winter days with a warm cup of comfort in my hand--tea. So, it seems only appropriate to open my blog with the tradition of tea. If you were to join me at my home, I would be offering you a warm cup of tea now.  The tradition of sharing tea with a friend or simply sipping tea alone in the early dawn light deeply comforts me.
At heart, I was drawn to natural medicine by the beautiful and aromatic herbs and spices. Botanical medicine is truly a passion of mine. One of the foundational preparations of botanical medicine is tea. Amazingly, it can be made and served in a diversity of ways--beverage teas, hot infusions, cold infusions, sunlight infusions, even by the moonlight infusions, tea bags, strainers, tea presses, and decoctions. The study of the tea leaf could fill volumes, and yet "tea" can be made with any number of other plants. 
A search on PubMed.gov brings up over 19,000 peer reviewed, scientific papers on tea. A meta analysis just e-published on Wednesday from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (PMID: 23426037) suggests that green tea with or without caffeine can significantly reduce fasting blood sugar levels over a 12 week period.
What are you sipping in your tea cup today?

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